Sunday, 30 March 2014

Homework Week 9

Rhyme: There is no rhyme in this poem.
Rhythm: Haiku clinic poem because it goes one line three line one line in the poem
Tone or Mood: The mode is Mysterious
Personification: They are giving the river mouth human like qualities which gives it personification.
Enjambment: There is enjambment all through this poem.
Meaning of the title.: Awa means river.

Author: find 3 facts about the author:
1. He works in schools throughout New Zealand.
2. He was born in Oamaru.
3. His Father used to be a carpenter.

Now write a similar poem (must have a Maori title) and present it on a slide. Also, make a Sound Cloud recording of you reading the poem.:

My poem


The thirsty rimu tree

licking the soil for water
guzzling the water through its parched roots  
swallowing the water down its long elegant throat

waiting for rain to fall.
Sound Cloud Recording

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  1. Good solid homework, Harry. I had never heard of a sausage and lettuce sandwich before! You are very confident giving instructions. My suggestions to improve your film making would be to give an instruction, then fast forward the 'doing' part of the instruction. You could also add text/subtitles to back up each step. Great job on your poem analysis. You need to add a Sound Cloud recording of you reading your poem. I liked the idea of the thirsty Rimu tree and your use of personification. My only feedback would that the wording in line 4, could be adjusted to make the tree sound more thirsty.