Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Week 5 Homework


10 Facts About The Battle Of Gate Pa

  • Heni Karamu was the only female warrior in the battle of Gate Pa.
  • Heni Karamu gave water to dying soldiers.   
  • It rained during the battle of Gate Pa.
  • Jaine Folie was Heni Karamu’s european name.
  • The bombs just slugged about during the rain and didn't explode,
  • Heni Karamu’s brother was called Neni Karamu.
  • A lot of NiteRunginu warriors decided to go back to Tauranga to protect their families.
  • The women and children were told to leave the Pa and get to safety.
  • The Bombs that the english fired exploded the cooking area.
  • The maori chased the english down the hill back to their base.    


  1. Good work Harrison you followed the expectations. You put down 10 facts and did a great video on how to use the box method.

  2. Wow, I am impressed with your latticing method. Did Mum or Dad show you that additional step? Good note taking in your Gate Pa exercise. There is the odd SPG error e.g. bombs doesn't need a capital letter.