Sunday, 4 May 2014

Jeopardy Game

Prepare a jeopardy series of 10 answers about your holiday and then the 10 questions for these answers. We will get into pairs and you will give the list of answers to your partner. They will need to ask the correct question to win a point.

1. Easter Basketball Tournament.
What did I do over Easter weekend?
2. 75%.
What amount of time did I play sport?
3. Last.
Where did my basketball team come at my tournament?  
4. 3 days.
How long did I spend at Darcy’s house in total?
5. Go to school.
What did I not want to do after the holidays finished?
6. 6 games.
How many games of Basketball did I play over the holidays?
7. At Darcy's with my brother baby sitting.
What did I do on the casino night?

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