Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Click Cards

This year the school has created a new rewards system. The system is called the Click Card system.
The cards have 40 boxes around it, you get one click a day. When you fill your card you get a stars wrist band.  The wrist band is the houses colour that you are in. When you get 3 wrist bands you get a stars badge.

You can also get a stars ticket witch you fill out and put it into our house box in the library. You can get a stars ticket when you are follow the stars. At every Hui Mrs Mills will draw two names from the house box and they will receive some vouchers.

The ways you don't get a click are you have your name in the board with a cross, you get a formal warning after a formal warning you get a stars reflection sheet and that will have to go home and your parents will check and sign it and it will come back to school.            

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