Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Its Shrek

When did you realise that someone was following you? Describe this person.
While you were running away, you tripped and fell. What happened?
What was the big surprise at the end of your story?

I moved to New Zealand in 2009, because my family and I wanted to have a better childhood for my brother and I. My brother was 11 and I was 7, I also came with my two parents. I lost my pass port in the shuttle bus because I insisted to look after it and I dropped it looking out the window at this new country. When we got off the buss Mum and Dad screamed at me ant spanked me. When I looked in my backpack I found it in there and it must have fallen in there. 

When we arrived at our hotel a car was waiting out side in the car I saw a man with a bald head and green skin it was Shrek. As we got out the car and entered the hotel he hopped out and walked behind us.

In the morning I saw him at the table as I stood up and started to run he chased me I knew it was all Ogre now. As I ran up the stairs I tripped he caught up to me but Prince Charming came and saved me and that wads suppressing to me.

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