Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hippo vs Wildebeest

"Stay out of my swamp!" says Slippo the Hippo  
"Its my area," the Wildebeest says.
"No!" the hippo snaps back. "It's mine you are just a silly newcomer to the zoo."

As the tension builds up the Hippo roars and the Wildebeest gets ready to battle. 

"I will kill you!" yells the angry hippo, as he lunges towards the Wildebeest.

"Not if I do first," snaps back the wildebeest.

As the battle commences the hippo bites the wildebeest in the leg and the wildebeest rams him in the chest. 

"Ow," screams the wildebeest. "You bit me."
"You rammed me," as Slippo bites him again.


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