Monday, 1 September 2014

Alien Story

My name is Randy and I moved to planet Earth 10 years ago. I moved because my home planet Nuyer was politicly corrupt because the king was over run with power and spent all the money. I came with my wife Sharon has long golden hair and blue eyes. Cartman's stolen body is small and he wears a small poof ball hat. Our space ship is damaged and we had to abandon it in the hill side were nobody would find it we made it invisible and only we know were it is we need to make some more money to repair it. When we left it my wife started crying and he said in a sobbing voice "Why oh why do we have to leave our home?" "It's for the better honey, we need to get going and find some body's for us in the nearest town." I replied.
I first realised when someone was following us when a FAA the Federal Alien Agency

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  1. It is a good story and I think it is very creative. And you have a lot a ideas that are you own. You followed the questions and did really well. You didn't quite finish and used a bit of dialogue. You didn't have a title because it was very simple. Overall It is a good story.