Thursday, 3 July 2014

End Of Term Review

Science Fair

This term we had a science fair and I did mine on Does heat affect bounce of a basketball on difference surfaces. What I did for my testing  was my Dad helped me make a contraption for my basketball to go in. I had a hammer in the same spot and my Dad let it go and the ball would be hit and the ball would bounce up and we would measure it's bounce. For my project I got a yellow sticker and bronze meddle witch I am really proud.

Cross Country 

This term we also did Cross Country. Our Cross Country is the biggest in New Zealand. This year I came 175 witch I am proud of thats the same of last year. Cross Country is 3 km long down Fraser Street and round the school.    


For P.E. this term we had our Rimu rotations. In our rotations we played Basketball, Netball, Hockey and Soccer. My Favourite sport is Basketball and my team won our basketball game. We also played Dodgeball and Multisport. 

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  1. I liked your post Harry but you spelt some words wrong. You didn't finish in time and was a good amount of sentence in your paragraph. Your headings were good and you though of all the things you did. I really liked your post and I hope you have lots of more fun next term.